Wizamet Super Iridium Double Edge Safety Razor Blades By Gillette.

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About Wizamet:

Wizamet - a company producing super iridium razor blades and safety razors. The main production plant was located in Łódź at ul. Wodna 11/13, the second factory of the Wizamet company was located in Zgierz.

After the production of Rawa-Lux razor blades was discontinued, the Wizamet factory became the only manufacturer of razor blades in Poland. Products from the Wizamet plants were exported to the USSR as well as to Iraq and Libya.

In 1992, the Wizamet plants with 800 employees and in a very bad financial situation were privatized, 80% of the shares were bought by Gillette and 20% were sold to Wizamet employees. Workers paid half the price Gillette paid for the action.

After Gillette took over the Wizamet plants, the razor blade production was moved to the Petersburg Products International plant in St. Petersburg in Russia, where Gillette is a shareholder.

Here is the list of wizamet products:

  • Razor blades 
    • Polsilver
    • Super Iridium
    • Carat
  • Safety Razors
    • Wizamet P-1 Junior
    • Wizamet W-3 Junior
    • Wizamet W-5
    • Wizamet W-6 Senior
    • Wizamet W-10 Elegant
    • Wizamet W-11 Elegant

Wizamet Razor Blades Review, and what people are saying about them

  • The Wizamet blades are sharp and smooth, The longevity of these blades is amazing. Five shaves are the most I have ever gotten from them.
  • I tried many razor blades before, when I discovered Wizamet blades, I was surprised by the results, a very good shave and I feel that my skin has become very smooth without any scratches.
  • it is really great razor blades, I have got a great shave with Wizamet, a very good glide rate, I recommend everyone to try it, I use it with a safety razor and straight razor, in both cases, I got excellent results, Wizamet is one of the best double edge blades in the world.

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